Who we are

Established in 2004 as an independent travel company and a destination consultancy for the Balkan region, Tempora Travel Ltd. is a licensed tour operator in accordance with the Bulgarian legislation.

The company primary focus has always remained the same: providing clients with exclusive tailor-made experiences, taking them far away from their everyday life and challenging them to re-discover the explorer who lives in themselves.

Our work is a reflection of the values on which the company is founded: client satisfaction, fair relations with our partners, team spirit, social and environmental responsibility and first-hand credibility.

Both for our partners (B2B) and our customers (B2C), we design travel arrangements of highest quality available with understanding, prompt response to the particular enquiries and attention to detail.

When developing our travel products and executing our trips we always go the extra step to make sure we help destinations, businesses and travelers understand the importance of sustainable tourism development, implement solutions that protect the environment and maintain sense of place, while generating economic benefits. We put a heavy emphasis on the impact of travelling on the environment, because we believe it is our common responsibility to protect the touristic resources for the future generations.

Our services & programs

These are designed with understanding and flexibility, in response to our client’s enquiries. We help our clients find holidays and trips that fully meet their demands and satisfy their desire for:

  • Escape from everyday life
  • Relaxation through active holidays
  • Place for favorite activities
  • Experience different cultures
  • Meeting new people

About us