Our team

At Tempora Travel you get to talk to a team of knowledgeable, multilingual travel experts who have the skill to answer even the most challenging questions using their collective expertise. We all share the same passion for travel and are ready to assist our customers to broaden their horizons, explore new places and learn about the Balkan cultures.

Our methods of work are based on personal approach, made-to-measure decisions and search for the most efficient solutions. Even though technology is becoming ever more important in the travel industry, there is no doubt that it is the people that matter most.

At Tempora Travel we know that successful programs do not just happen. We are the ones who create a close connection with the customers and are responsible for their unique holiday experience; we are the ones our business partners rely on for the development of tourist products designed expressly with their interest in mind. It is the passion and expertise of our team that make Tempora Travel truly special.

About us