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"Trips usually have a standard procedure, but I believe that successful programs don’t just happen. At Tempora Travel we strive to create stories about capturing the moments of joy, about the small simple things, which in the end make all the difference."

Daniela Nakova
Daniela Nakova
Managing Director, Tempora Travel

Stretching around the mighty Balkan mountain range lays a proud land of ancient history, vivid traditions, spectacular landscapes and sublime beaches!

Ancient history

Flecked with remains from the Thracian, Slav, Roman and Greek times, the Bulgarian lands have always been ancient crossroads of cultures and civilizations, a bridge between Europe and Asia, a historical riddle yet to be solved… Bulgaria is the home of some of the most impressive pieces of artworks and unique golden treasures dating back to the time of the Thracian civilization, 3000 B.C! Let us take you on a journey thought the time, which will leave you speechless!

Colorful traditions and music

Through the vivid Bulgarian customs and the traditional crafts you will immerse in the exuberance and vitality of the Bulgarian culture. Under the drum beat and the prolonged sounds of the most traditional music instrument "Gaida"(Bagpipe) fascinating folklore dances were born – an outburst of emotions, an ancient blessing so touching and so sincere! It is amazing how the colors of a nation’s traditions can be as bright as the smile they call on the spectator’s face!

Delicious traditional cuisine and fine wines

Trying Bulgarian food is an essential part of the understanding of our culture – it is a way to taste our identity! There is nothing more delicious then the Bulgarian yogurt along with a crispy, mouthwatering piece of homemade Banitza! It is not difficult to enjoy life, especially while having a glass of the delicious and truly Bulgarian "Mavrud" wine!

Spectacular landscapes

Following the picturesque mountain trails up to the mighty peaks of Rila or Pirin mountains it is easy to find yourself in timeless landscapes with pure crystal-water lakes and meadows carpeted with herbs and wild flowers ... Spectacular sceneries and magical places that awaken feelings of serenity and freedom, everyone longs for.

The rose Damascena

You love the Rose flower, but did you know that of all places in the world where Rosa Damascena is cultivated, there is just one region South of the Balkan mountain range that provides the right conditions to grow this incredible flower in quantities large enough to produce rose essential oil! If you happen to be here in May or June, when the Rose Festival is held, you will be able to become part of the celebration of the rose - pick the leaves yourself, dance, sing and let the aroma of the Rosa Damascena inspire you with its magical charm!

Black Sea coast with romantic sand beaches and magnificent views

Get inspired by the beautiful Black Sea coast! Escape on an unforgettable sailing adventure starting from the ancient town of Nessebur or Sozopol! Swim in the crystal waters of the Black sea, try the sun-kissed vegetable salads Bulgarians adore during the summer, give in to the tranquility of the unspoiled, golden beaches, enjoy magnificent sunsets ... those could be only a few of the special Bulgarian summer moments to collect in your memories treasure chest.

The ancient Serdica & the modern Sofia

Spending a few days in Sofia could be a thrilling adventure! Join us for Best of Sofia Experience! This city named after the Thracian goddess of wisdom, has its unique character and dynamic rhythm. You will be surprised by the range of places to visit and things to do! Our capital’s ancient landmarks, like the Roman fortress of "Serdica", the remarkable Woman’s Market, the golden domes of "St. Alexander-Nevski" Cathedral, harmoniously add to Sofia’s modern elegance – chic boutiques, charming bars & diners hidden away in the back streets, trendy places for an all-night party ... Just a weekend in Sofia will be enough for you to know that one day you will return ...

The Bulgarian people and their open heart

In the end every country is a reflection of its people. They share, they smile, they sing, they dance and they reveal to you the true colors of their land! It wouldn’t be difficult to meet them in Bulgaria’s picturesque small towns and villages, full of life, harmony and beauty.

Our message to you

If you have travelled with us before, we would like to thank you for your trust and interest in Bulgaria. We hope we have convinced you that our personal approach and attention to the detail means you enjoy an expertly planned trip customized according to your preferences and budget.

For you, who haven’t travelled yet with us, we invite you to discover Bulgaria together! You will fall in love with our land and will keep it in your heart forever!

Where to go & what to see?

Where to go & what to see?