Classic Bulgaria Caravan Tour

Route: Veliko Tarnovo, Varna, Balchik, Aladzha Monastery, Pomorie, Nesebar, Kazanlak, Plovdiv, Sofia, Rila Monastery, Belogradchik
16 days / 15 nights
Transport: Caravans /  Coach
Price from: T/A

Campervan travelling offers a fun and comfortable way to explore new destinations! Joining a caravan tour you enjoy both the privacy and comfort of your motor home and the carefree feeling that the itinerary is pre-planned for you by us in advance. In addition the Tempora Travel representative and guide is with you throughout the whole trip keeping everyone on schedule and providing exhaustive and useful information about the places you visit. We invite you to join our Classic Bulgaria Caravan tour for an enjoyable, carefree and highly social travel experience! Explore Bulgaria while feeling at home and create memories that stick!

Day - by - day Itinerary:

Day 1: Welcome to Bulgaria!
Our guide will meet you at the campsite upon your arrival and assist you with the check. Tonight we will have our first briefing and get to know our fellow travellers better.
Overnight in Veliko Tarnovo.

Day 2: Full-day bus excursion to Veliko Tarnovo & the village of Arbanasi
The day will start with a guided sightseeing tour which will take us to the significant landmarks of Veliko Tarnovo starting from the picturesque Tsarevets Fortress where we will learn about the bravery and pride in the history of the glorious Medieval capital. Next we will visit the nearby village of Arbanasi, an important merchant and cultural centre during the Bulgarian Revival Period. Here we will explore the impressive Revival architecture and the beautiful frescoes at the UNESCO classified Rozdestvo Christovo Church. For lunch we will try some local specialties at a local family’s restaurant. In the afternoon, we will have free time to unwind, relax and explore Veliko Tarnovo on our own; take a stroll down the preserved market street “Samovodska Charshia”  with its authentic workshops and romantic old-time coffee houses.
Overnight in Veliko Tarnovo. (L)

Day 3: Full-day bus excursion in the Central Balkan Mountain: The Architectural reserve Etara, the Sokolski Monastery, The town of Gabrovo, the Dryanovo Monastery
Today’s fresh start will be a walk through the Architectural reserve Etara, where traditional Bulgarian crafts are presented in a number of various authentic workshops. Next we will visit the Sokolski Monastery which fascinates with its stunning church frescoes and its picturesque location offering a spectacular panoramic view of the surrounding mounts. For lunch we will stop in the town of Gabrovo cosily nested in the heat of the Balkan mountain and famous for the peculiar sense of humour of its inhabitants. The last stop for today will be the historically significant Dryanovski Monastery sheltered between the mighty mountain curves and surrounded by beautiful hiking trails.
Overnight in Veliko Tarnovo. (L)

Day 4: Travel day to the Black Sea coast
Overnight in the town of Obzor.

Day 5: Full-day bus excursion to the North Black Sea Coast: the Aladzha Rock Monastery, the coastal town of Balchik and the Bulgarian Black Sea capital Varna
The first highlight today will be the extraordinary Aladzha Rock Monastery carved into a sheet rock at 40m height. Following the beautiful coastal road up north we will reach the town of Balchik, a low-key holiday spot that feels like a world away from the bigger coastal resorts. Also known as “the White town „ due to the pale limestone rocks in the area, the town of Balchik enchants with its simplicity and cosiness. The main attraction here is the seafront Summer Palace of Queen Marie with its lovely Botanical Gardens, completed in 1926 by King Ferdinand of Romania for his English wife, Queen Marie (Balchik was then part of Romania). After lunch we will travel to the coastal city of Varna which is the most important Bulgarian port on the Black sea as well as a significant cultural and economical centre in North-East Bulgaria; hence it is dubbed “the Sea capital of the country”. Here we will visit the Archaeological museum, home to the oldest golden treasure ever discovered in the world.
Overnight in the town of Obzor. (L)

Day 6: Full-day bus excursion to the Central Black Sea Coast: the town of Pomorie, the Old Town of Nesebar
We will take a short trip to the charming fisherman’s town of Pomorie. Here we will visit the St. George Monastery founded in the 7th century on what supposedly used to be the site of a former Thracian sanctuary as the preserved  marble bas-relief of a Thracian rider suggests. Next we will travel to the charming Old Town of Nesebar perched on a tiny peninsula in Black Sea. The town has existed as an important maritime centre for more than 9000 years and it is today a cultural monument enclosed in the UNESCO’s World Heritage List. After lunch we will explore the intricate maze of authentic cobble-stoned streets of Nesebar lined with Revival houses, various gift shops and inviting art galleries. We will also have some free time to take in Nessebar’s charms on our own. In the afternoon we travel back to Obzor.
Overnight in the town of Obzor. (L)

Day 7: Travel day to the Bulgarian Rose Valley
Folklore - show Dinner & overnight near the town of Kazanlak. (L,D)

Day 8: Half-day bus excursion in the Rose Valley: The Original Thracian Tomb, The Russian Church in the village of Shipka, the village of Skobelevo
Today we will set off to the village of Skobelevo situated within 20 km from Kazanluk. Here we will be welcomed with a demonstration of Bulgarian folklore costumes and a live folklore music show. Then we will visit a rose-distillery where a rose expert will introduce us to the ancient technique of extracting the oil from the roses and we will have the chance to taste some delicious raised liqueur and rose jam. Next we will explore the ancient Thracian Tomb near Kazanlak and learn more about the Thracian’s art and culture that once flourished in these lands. Our last stop will be the village of Shipka to visit the Shipka Memorial church - a monument dedicated to the bravery of the Russian and Bulgarian defenders of the Shipka pass in the War of Liberation in 1878.
Overnight near the town of Kazanlak.

Day 9: Full-day bus excursion in the Thracian Lowland: The charming Old Town of Plovdiv
We will spend the day in Plovdiv - a city with rich cultural and artistic heritage, situated in the heart of the Thracian Lowland south from the Balkan Mountain. Our guided tour will take us to the Old Quarter of Plovdiv famous for its spectacular Roman Theatre, the multitude of tiny art galleries and the authentic cobbled streets lined with Revival period houses. After lunch we will enjoy some free time to explore the city on our own. Plovdiv’s modern centre on the south side of the Maritsa River features a shop-lined pedestrian mall,  Knyaz Aleksander Street, which passes over the Roman Stadium and up to a splendid square with gushing fountain.
Overnight near the town of Kazanlak. (L)

Day 10: Travel day to Sofia
Overnight  near Sofia.

Day 11: Full-day bus excursion in the Bulgarian capital Sofia
The morning will be dedicated to a guided sightseeing tour of the Bulgarian capital Sofia - a colourful blend of various ancient sites and modern-time landmarks. After lunch we will make a short trip to the foot of the Vitosha Mountain in the southern part of the city and visit the National History museum.
Overnight  near Sofia. (L)

Day 12: Travel day to the Rila Monastery
Overnight  near the Rila Monastery.

Day 13: Half-day hiking excursion to the Rila Monastery – an architectural masterpiece of its time
The highlight of this morning will be the biggest monastery on the Balkan penisula- the Rila Monastery situated nearby to our campsite. The sanctuary is fascinating with its Revival period architecture and the numerous distinguished works of art created by some of the most renowned Bulgarian artists. We will visit the Monastery church and museum and learn about the essential role it has played in the Bulgarian history. We will also have some free time to explore the picturesque area around the monastery on our own - a good idea is to take a small but scenic walk towards the last resting place of the founder of the sanctuary - St. Ivan Rilaski.
Overnight near the Rila Monastery.

Day 14: Travel day to the town of Belogradchik.
Overnight  near the town of Belogradchik.

Day 15: Half-day bus excursion to the spectacular Belogradchik Rocks phenomenon
Today we will explore “The Rocks of Belogradchik”, a spectacular group of rock figures which started to form as a result of the Early-Alpine tectonic cycle, when the red sandstones and limestone were on the bottom of the huge sea and the earlier folded Palaeozoic rocks remained on dry land and began to deform. The processes of weathering, detonation, river erosion, freezing, growth of moss and lichen, as well as other natural factors that lasted for millennia, resulted in the formation of a multitude of fantastic figures and compositions that today attract hundreds of visitors from the country and abroad. We will also stop in the town of Belogradchik to stroll down its central square, where we will have some free time to peek at the souvenir shops and the colourful market stands around.
Traditional Farewell dinner & Overnight near the town of Belogradchik. (L, D)

Day 16: Tour finishes in Belogradchik


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  • The beautiful Medieval capital of Bulgaria Veliko Tarnovo
  • The Bulgarian Black Sea capital - Varna
  • The Aladzha Rock monastery
  • The ancient maritime town of Nesebar perched on a tiny peninsula in the Black sea
  • The Valley of the Thracian Kings
  • The charming Old Quarter of the city of Plovdiv with its spectacular Roman amphitheatre
  • The Bulgarian capital Sofia - a blend of ancient monuments and modern-day landmarks
  • The Rila Monastery - the biggest monastery on the Balkan Peninsula
  • The spectacular Belogradchik rocks phenomenon



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What Is Included

  • 16 days / 15 overnights at Bulgarian campsites
  • Tour begins: Veliko Tarnovo
  • Tour finishes: Belogradchik
  • Excursions: 6 full-day bus excursions, 3 half-day bus excursions, 1 hiking excursion
  • Lunches (L): 6
  • Dinners (D): 1 Folklore - show dinner, 1 Traditional Farewell dinner
  • Escorted services of an experienced representative / guide in the requested language for the whole tour
  • Guided sightseeing tours of all visited cities and sights
  • Entree fees for all visited museums and sights according to the trip itinerary
  • Transport for the included excursions: Modern air-conditioned coach
  • Group Size: T/A
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